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Nursery Grant

The government provide funding for all 3-4 year old children and some 2 year old children who attend a registered setting. It is available to all children at the start of the term following their third birthday. 2 year old funding is not available to all, you can check if you’re eligible by contacting Northumberland County Council. If eligible children begin the term after their second birthday.

Each child receives 15 hours per week automatically. If both parents are working you may qualify for 30 hours funded which you can check on the childcare choices website: ​


Childcare Vouchers

This means you agree to reduce your salary by a certain value, and receive Childcare Vouchers to the same value but pay no tax or National Insurance on these vouchers. We operate the childcare voucher scheme, where employers offer their employees a voucher to set against nursery fees.

We accept  all childcare vouchers, but you will need to check with your employer which scheme they use, so we can give you our account ID for the correct company.

If we are not affiliated with your employers scheme, just let us know and we will register with them for you.

Tax Credits

For more information on tax credits you can click the childcare choices link below and scroll down to the relevant part.

Little Oaks Policies

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